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Boise Newborn Photographer {Layla}

It had been almost 2 years since I had photographed a “layla”.  And the last Layla, almost 2 years before, had been my very own Layla.

I may be partial, but I do believe that it is one of the most beautiful, perfect girly names. I love it! And the name fit this sweet little newborn perfectly!

She was a preemie, and almost 2 months old at the time we photographed her for newborn photos.  She was still such a gem – a real treat to photograph!

newborn sleeping in basket boise idaho

sleeping infant wrapped in purple boise idaho

newborn sleeping with hands on cheeks boise idaho

black and white photo of newborn boise idahoboise newborn photo in basket

infant sleeping on white stool nampa idaho

newborn sleeping on brown blanket boise idaho

newborn sleeping on purple blanket boise idaho

curled up baby in basket boise idaho

infant sleeping on guitar boise idaho

(composite image)

newborn girl with white bow boise idaho


Boise Newborn Photography {Lucca}

This little guy was such a treat to photograph! He was beautiful, a sound sleeper and the perfect little poser!  And while I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit just how far behind I am at blogging… I just photographed sweet little Lucca for the 3rd time at 8 months old!!  After we get though his 1 year photographs, I’ll have to share with you how much he’s grown, how much he’s changed and how much cuter he just keeps gettin’!!

Can’t wait for the next fabulous session with you, sweet baby boy!

baby sleeping in basket

sleeping baby with brown hat on

newborn sleeping on blue blanket

profile of sleeping baby

infant sleeping in blue box

mom holding sleeping baby

newborn asleep with hat on

newborn asleep in basket

dad holding sleeping newbornnewborn asleep with hat

mom, dad and newborn baby

close-up photos of newborn